I've always used PhoneFix for my cell phone repair. Always cheaper than the competition and the first time I dropped my phone in water Rob fixed it when no one else could. I highly recommend you call PhoneFix. When I recently bought my new phone he told me what phones to stay away from and cut my sim card for free. Great honest guy to deal with.

John Linder
Excellent Service! Quick and cheaper than anywhere else you will find. Save your time and take it here first. He is extremely knowledgeable and his prices are way cheaper than the bigger shops. Will definitely use his services again if needed.

Very friendly and easy to deal with. I had a shattered screen and he was able to fix it in half an hour. Very quick and easy. Much better service than what you would get at the cell phone companies. I highly recommend Phone Fix.

On July 19 2013, I went to see Rob about my iPhone 4. My iPhone 4 had a wifi problem, it wouldn`t get good wifi reception. I explained to Rob my problem and he knew exactly what I needed. Once I found him, he already had the part I needed ready. Once the new part was installed the phones wifi reception was greaty improved. Rob is the best cell phone repairman I have ever delt with. I would recomend him, and if I ever have anymore problems with my iPhone I will go back to him.